April 19, 2014

Remote your Desktop using Google Chrome

Desktop using Google Chrome
It's always been an easy task for me if I can take over the computer and do some technical stuff, if the user is not technical enough to troubleshoot or fix some issue. Remote desktop sharing is very convenient and save both of your time. Technology makes our life easy and for me having this kinds of tool makes my life much easier. I was looking for a remote desktop software for free, easy to use and interface friendly and here's what I got from Google Chrome. Chrome Remote Desktop
Requirements Chrome Remote Desktop

Google Chrome browser
Internet Connection
PC (works on Windows, MAC and Linux)

Google Chrome Desktop extension need to be installed search for the keyword Chrome Desktop and it will show you the extension.
Once the app is installed and if it the first time you launch the application certain security requirements are needed. Asking permission since the app will use your Google account credentials. 

Just like any other remote desktop software you need a pin to access the computer, good for quick tech support help for a friend and checking your desktop computer at home. Beside its embedded on Google Chrome no hassle of installing software that might bring you spyware or virus. 

Here are some of the user comments and feedback.

-"It was easy enough for my father to install and use allowing me to be able to be tech support from hundreds of miles away. The biggest issue that I have is that it not supported on Android or IOS, and limited in Linux and Chrome OS. Gave 5 stars anyway because I did my research and knew this before installing. Not a perfect solution, but an ok start.
BTW... If you are having issues, check out their online forums. They are very helpful, and there are Google employees on there eager to help fix common problems." 

-"Buh-bye, Logmein! This works great, does what it's supposed to, simply and transparently."

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