April 27, 2014

Facebook browser problem

Facebook browser problem

Facebook page won't load properly, broken pictures, takes time to load on Google Chrome. Is this normal I have a good internet connection and other pages loads up well fine but when it comes to Facebook its giving me a headache, is there a solution for these issue?  This is one of the question that show up on my inbox Facebook problems.  The main reason my a post this blog is for troubleshooting Facebook related issue or browser problems. (screen shot of Facebook page)
Common Facebook browser issue 

 Takes time to load
 Picture not loading
 Log in problem
 Request Timed out
 Certificate error
 Java script issue
 Broken pictures
 Upload issue
I've listed common Facebook issue and since billion user and most of us have an FB account a minute that its not working will likely keep your cool off and start to complain.
I will show you basic troubleshooting when it comes to Facebook related problems. 
Check the computer time - logging in and accessing Facebook needs to have an updated time and if your computer time and date is not synchronize fb problems will show up. 

Browser update - although default settings of the browser is set to automatic updates make sure to check if there is a latest update. 

Try different browser - I'm sure you have 2 or more browser on your computer, getting and installing is free and easy.

Clear browser history - clearing it will delete all  history and all browser has a quick short cut. CTRL-SHIFT + DEL try it.

Uninstall reinstall - last option for my Facebook problems

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