May 3, 2014

CM Flare You can safely removed SD card

It seems that Cherry mobile issues are building up and the latest that I encountered on my CM Flare2X is You can safely removed SD card message. It's not a big deal as this error message will not harm your phone but annoying message that will bother and appear on your phone screen. Dubbed as Pinoy phone and quad "core ng bayan". Lets take a look at the Flare2x specification.

Flare2x Technical Specification

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
1.2GHz quad core Qualcomm processor
4 incg WVGA Capacitive Touch Panel Screen
5.0 Megapixel Camera
Dual Sim 
Memory 4GB internal 
1GB RAM expansion: up to 32GB
The message will show up once you put the SD card "YOU CAN SAFELY REMOVED SD CARD" The first thing that you need to check is what changes on the phone like updates, rooted and new application installed. 

Usually, the message shows up every time you removed the card without selecting or un-mounting the card and to here are the steps: 

Step 1
Tap on your Droid's "Menu" button and then select the "Settings" icon from the menu options.
Step 2
Tap "Storage" in the Settings menu. Tap "Unmount SD Card" in the Storage menu to disable your Android device's memory card.
Step 3
Remove the SD card from your Android device.

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