April 12, 2014

Creating Apple ID using your PC

Creating Apple ID using your PC
Creating Apple ID is easy and most of the user think that credit card information is needed before you can get one, because most of the great apps are not free signing an ID needs the details. Now, that most of the user are canceling the registration because the fear of getting charged or no Credit card at all, I'll show you how to create an Apple ID that will not asked for your credit card information. Here's how: 

Requirements for creating ID

A personal computer

Internet connection
Valid email address
iTunes software

Once you have the basic requirements i'll show you how to create the ID (sreenschot provided by one of popular forum members jpaladash)
Once the software is installed Launch the application. Click on go to iTunes store.
apple store ID
Click on the app store option on the itunes software. Once you click on the option application, songs are listed Select a free application.

Once you have the application a new windows will show up to login or  create Apple ID.
apple store ID sign in
Read the terms and condition if you want before putting a tick and clicking on agree. The next option is to provide your Apple ID details these include your email, password or security information and date of birth then click continue. The next option is payment details which most user will tend to close as they thought that creating an ID needs a payment, but here's the option you need to select. 
Select none and click on create apple ID. An email notification or verification will be sent to the email address that you register. Once you validate the email you can now use your Apple ID for your favorite apps on Apple Store

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