March 19, 2013

Windows not connecting to Netcomm NB604n

Windows and Netcomm issue
It is a common call driver that Windows computer or any other device would not connect to a modem or Netcomm modem. The first thing that you need to check is the wifi signal if it  is ON. Most modem have a status light to determine if the ppp, wifi and power are activated. It will show a blinking or flashing light it may label differently and some modem manufacture use image or icon.  
Today I got a call from a user who cannot connect his windows 7 and 8 on the modem but apple and android devices are connected. Here’s the scenario  Ipad, Mac and iphone can detect the wireless modem but windows 7 and 8

cannot detect the network . The caller already reboots  the modem but no avail the Windows OS are working fine since it can detect other network around but not the default connection. The caller said that its working fine this morning and no changes on the computer. I was about to reset the modem when suddenly I thought of just changing the channel it could be windows need a different channel. The Netcom modem default channel is set to auto and changing it to 6 or 11 can possibly resolve the issue Here’s how:

 Log on to modem interface
Go to wireless and click on advance . Use the drop down box to change the channel

Netcomm Modem Channel

After rebooting the modem it works. A very simple troubleshooting steps for Netcomm modem and Windows operating system.

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