March 29, 2013

Shining Shadow Effect on Corel Draw

Corel Draw Shadow Effect Text
One of the most effective trick on Corel Draw is shining text shadow effect. The effect s and steps are very simple and using the trick you can create various names and put it on to your design. I learned to create the trick when exploring Corel Draw and drop shadow tool. I’m using a black background to emphasize on the shadow. Here’s how to create a Corel Draw text  shadow effect.

Create a new corel document. Set the background color to black.

Add a text object on the document. This tutorial I use the word “Shadow”

Select the text object and change the color to white. Add another layer and copy the same “Shadow” object or text file. 
Corel Shadow Effect

Invert the object by using the mirror vertically tool. The shadow too effect use the transparency tool to create an effect. Please see below. Properties are set on the transparency tool. Linear for transparency type. Normal for Transparency operation, and 87% for the midpoint .
Corel Shadow Tools effect

Hope you learn something  on this tutorial and use it on your design. You can also check my simple shining orb effects.

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