March 28, 2013

Creating a Simple Mobile Phone Icon

Phone Icon Tutorial Corel Draw
I’m planning to put a menu icon on my website and today I’m starting to create Icon on each label. I’m going to start with the Mobile phone label. The Mobile phone label consists of technology news, latest phones, Smartphones and events on the hottest gadget in the market. The icon is a Smartphone and a very simple yet attractive design can make the Icon label appealing. Here’s how: Create a Corel Draw document using the main Icon font on the website create an object “Mobile Phone.” Please see image below. The font is Digital Tech
Mobile Phone Label Icon

Adding a mobile phone Icon is easy create and object beside the font. Please see image below.
Mobile Phone Icon

 Using the shape tool adjusts the edges of the square object. Adjust the outline to 8px. Most mobile phones or Smartphones are touchscreen creating a rectangular object inside will look like  it has a touch feature. I will put the image on my website menu once all image labels are done. I will keep you posted for other Corel Draw tutorial
Mobile phone Icon label

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