March 27, 2013

Cherry Mobile Burst - Bursting with IPS feature

Cherry Mobile Burst
The Cherry Mobile craze is getting started and recently they got a new phone and call it Cherry Mobile Burst. What’s new with Burst?. Is the phone exploding with exciting features and application or just like regular Android phone and Cherry Mobile release. The specification includes IPS capacitive that Thunder features don’t have. Just like other Cherry Mobile collection it has Dual sim, Android Dual Core CPU and Wifi connectivity. The phone looks promising with IPS capacitive it looks like every release new features are added and the company is competing with giants like Samsung and Apple. But what is IPS

capacitive? According to Wikipedia it is an (In Panel Switching) a touch screen panel consist of an insulator and glass. IPS technology also improves content display, enabling taps and gestures be more responsive. Burst focus is  on display and together with dual core technology it could compete with Flare and other phone collections. Price is to be announce.      

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