March 24, 2013

Creating a Shiny Orb on Corel Draw Tutorial

Shiny Orb Effect on Corel Draw
A shiny orb is an effective design to incorporate on your website or any graphics file. The shinning effect can be made as a button on a web page to give an attractive link and very professional look. I learned creating the shiny orb on Corel Draw when I first installed the application on my computer. It was a tutorial on YouTube and a step by step process on creating the shiny orb. I also use the orb design as my avatar on various forum sites and website. Here’s how to create a shiny orb on Corel Draw.

Create a New Corel Document
 Create and ellipse tool at the base of the orb
Shiny Orb Ellipse Corel Draw TutorialShiny Orb Corel Draw Tutorial Layout

Copy the same object and add another layer. Color the first object layer 1 Black
and Layer 2 object colorwhite. Adjust it as shown on the image below
To give it shining effect use the transparency tool
Shiny Orb Corel Draw Tutorial Top

Convert the object to bitmap and add a transparency tool. Properties Linear Normal

Shiny Orb Corel Draw Transparency Tool

Adjusting the color of the main object will give you a different effect
Shiny Orb Corel Draw

 A very simple steps but effective design I hope you can learn and use the design on your website. You can also visit my other Corel Draw Tutorial like ID layout.

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