March 25, 2013

Setting Up IPTV on Mac OSx TPG ADSL

iptv on Mac
Configuring IPTV on Mac Osx is a complicated task you need to follow certain procedure or you might encounter a message “The TPG IPTV software was not found....” The basic modem configuration and software requirements are needed to complete the setup.
It was my second call when a customer wants to set up his IPTV. He got a new Netcomm NB604n compatible modem and setting are listed below.
Create a new connection in the modem user interface

1.   Service name: IPTV
2.   Connection/Mode: bridge mode
3.   Encapsulation/Multiplexing: LLC
4.   VPI: 0
5.   VCI: 35
6.   ATM/QoS: UBR
7.   PVC: enabled
8.   An option for IGMP proxy, or multicast proxy should be enabled

The set up run smoothly as the caller was able to reboot the modem. He also installed the latest Firefox browser and the VLC plug in. We try to log in to the IPTV and getting error like IPTV software not found.

I try to check every setting and configuration but still getting the same message. It could be a software compatibility issue since he is using Mac Osx? I was able to find a supporting documents that resolves the issue.

1. Download and install Mozilla Firefox 3.6
2. Download and install VLC 0.9.9 or 0.8.6e.
Two files will be downloaded for VLC. Media player and the Web Browser plugins
o    Click on "Get VLC for Mac OS X"
o    Click on "Older versions can be found by browsing our FTP archive"
o    Look for 0.9.9 or 0.8.6e

Media player:
§  download vlc-0.8.6e-intel.dmg (for Intel MAC)
§  download vlc-0.8.6e-powerpc.dmg (PowerPC MAC)

§  download vlc-plugin-0.8.6e-intel.dmg (for Intel MAC)
§  download vlc-plugin-0.8.6e-powerpc.dmg (PowerPC MAC)
·         For 0.9.9 (for Intel MAC only) - Media player and Plug-ins (All-In-One).
o    download vlc-0.9.9-intel.dmg    

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