March 13, 2013

Flash Player and Real Player Crash Issue

I turn my computer on and wait for the system to load. A pop up window shows up want me to update the Adobe Flash player. I run the update and it show information like flash player is used by millions and top Facebook games. Well, that's true this piece of software is needed to play games, watch video, stream content and interact online. The latest update that I got is Flash player 11.6 and recently I'm having issue with my browser crashing or not responding. Every time I close or open a tab I need to wait before the browser

respond. I thought I need to update Chrome or Firefox but I just don't have the time to run the update. Good thing flash player shows up and with a click its fully updated and I’m surprised with the message after the update. Real Player 11 is known to cause system conflicts when installed with Flash player.” Now, Is this an issue with Real Player or Flash  will it get fixed by real player or flash? I’m hoping that the next update won’t tell me to disable other add-on.

Flash Player Update

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