March 12, 2013

Proxy Settings for Android Phone (Samsung)

I got a very unusual call today about a certain website unable to display the page. The caller is using Windows7 and NetGear DGN 2200v3 modem. He is trying to access a specific site and unable to get into it. He said he already tried Google Chrome and Internet Explorer but still unable to get the page.
 I validate the website and I was able to access  on my computer. I told him that it could be the modem or his computer. He said that he got a different computer having the same issue as well. I tried to

ping the website CMD>PING webaddress and getting a request timed out. I decided to put a proxy and it works. The problem is still not resolve since he got a SAMSUNG Galaxy phone I run some check on the setting but no proxy option on wireless and on the web browser. I provide information that we can use a certain application to set up proxy and here’s the application for android phone.
Introducing Proxy Settings with 3.5 average ratings on Google Play Store. The application is to check and use for troubleshooting this is the recommended app right now since proxy settings resolve the issue on Windows computer.


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