March 8, 2013

Nobody Uses Facebook or It is Changing

Facebook Feeds Change

This morning while watching a news, reports say that Facebook will change it news feeds. Okay, we don’t have the power or control over Facebook just like when they implement timeline. Some user complains and search for a fix or a trick to get back to previous Facebook layout but nothing happens you're still a Facebook user and read feeds. It’s a trend on Facebook that any changes made by them you should accept it. Facebook is a free community no monthly registration and  they don’t get even a cent on you logging in to their site. They just need your network of traffic because a single like or share
can reach billions of interconnected profile. How will they change the news feeds? As far as I know if you want to get your content on top you can pay  Facebook to do it. The result might be surprising or no interaction at all. Regular profile has a subscribe option but Facebook is not designed like Twitter for the followers. It could be that Facebook is in middle age that needs changes or It would die just like Friendster. Billions of registered users around the Globe, millions of spam profile or inactive user, thousand of deactivated account every day and hundreds of people looking for a better site.

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