February 16, 2013

Cherry Mobile Pick Your Phone

Cherry Mobile Price List
Christmas is over and last week I was at the mall and saw Cherry Mobile Affordable phones. People are looking for a cherry mobile flare since it’s the cheapest Android phone in the market PHP 3,999.00. They also have colorful, slim and sleek design phone for a very reasonable price. Like the other mobile phone store in the Philippines its always been targeted by Gadget lovers and enthusiast. I personally classify this brand as affordable and next thing to well known brands like Samsung, Apple and Nokia and other Smartphone. If you’re looking for

some Android experience and budget is the problem you can pick a Cherry Mobile Phone. Phones that come in color and design that is attractive is out of the Market. Anne Curtis is the endorser of the phone although celebrities are not using the phone personally but Marketing and advisement can generate big impact for the Mobile phone company. Selecting a phone might be difficult since it comes in different color and specification. The consumer can be tricked on choosing a phone the design versus features. The quality and user preference there are phones that has a very attractive design but lacks of functionality. Phones that has it all but design is not stylish. If I’m looking for a phone two things I consider specification and if I’m comfortable with the design.

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