February 4, 2013

Cherry Mobile Phones Affordable for Filipinos

Affordable Phones Cherry Mobile
I was walking alone yesterday at the mall and I saw people falling in line looks like a bee buzzing around on a flower. I got curious and noticed that the store that has been swarming around with people is the Cherry Mobile Phone. I try to sneak and saw salesman and the sales lady flashing the gadgets. I check the flare cherry mobile before Christmas and it was out of stock. It’s 2013 and 2nd month of the year and I’m still searching for the flare. Mobile phones are very affordable I check the cherry mobile price list and here are some affordable phones

Candy TV Php 2,999.00

W100 Php 3,299.00

W300 Php 2,999.00

Flare Php 3,999.00

Skyfire 5,999.00

Titan 6,499.00

Compare to other popular phone like Samsung, iPhone, Motorola and LG Cherry Mobile Phones are very affordable and best for Filipinos. 7,000 pesos and below you can have an Android Phones. The design and quality are close to well known brands and in the first glance you’ll never notice that its cherry mobile phones. I stay for almost 15 min on the store to check their latest phone other customer are getting two phones for gifts. The phone includes freebies but it may vary since some of it are already out of stock.

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