February 17, 2013

CCBoot Ideal for Computer Shop Business

CCboot set up
I have a friend who start a business a Computer Shop. A computer shop can be rented to surf, play games, print and chat. 15php/hour is his rate and he also accept printing and graphics design. I help him set up some of   the computers. A complete package has a server and 10 client computers that have physical hard drives each. It’s difficult to maintain each computer since you might get a virus and system crash and replacing the HDD is the only option. I introduce him a tool that I found CCBoot you don’t need a physical hard drive on each clients since it will use the server HDD. The idea and the
tool are very good for business or running a computer shop business. It’s very easy to manage the client since its connecting to a server. The set up is very easy although it requires a very good server to handle all the clients. Right now I’m still learning and trying to set up a server and a client using CCBoot System it could save time, money and become successful in running a Computer Shop Business. If you're looking for reference you can visit http://www.ccboot.com/download.htm

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