February 14, 2013

Google Doodle Valentine’s Day 2013

Google Doodle Feb 2013
Happy Heart’s Day February 14, 2013. I don’t have a date right now to bad and just  spending my time on the internet but Google is celebrating Valentine’s  with its doodle. I still don’t have plans today on how to celebrate it but It’s funny how the biggest search engine celebrate it. If you  log in to the site you’ll never notice the Google word on the search instead a colourful and wonderful animation about the celebraton today. G  - is like a rollercoaster OO – is 2 Ferris wheel g – rollercoaster that forms a letter “g” and le – a famous carnival

ride . Doodle message is simple just have fun and enjoy this day. In the middle of the page a love button is present a button for match making. Animals that might not fit to each other might fall in love. Here are the sample result.
Google Doodle Valentine 2013

Monkey and Elephant – dancing in a disco
Octopus and Duck – playing a boombox
Octopus and Bear – Bear eating a sushi
Horse and Lion – Holding hands under the moon
Squirrel and Chameleon – Playing Guitar
Hare and Turtle – Late dinner
Hippopotamus and Bird – Ice adventure
From and Bird – Romantic boat ride
Hare and Dolphin – Magic show turn into love
Mr. Fox – alone just watching a television
Google Doodle fox Valentine

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