February 13, 2013

Classic Cool Pad - CDR King

CDR King Cool Pad
Laptop and Notebook computers tend to generate heat if you’re using it for a long period of time. Playing computer games or by just surfing Facebook for an hour can make the device warm. Although laptop and notebook are designed to take the heat and has a heat sink it best to work in a cool environment to prevent your notebook and laptop to heat up. Air conditioned room is the best place for computer the cool room can lessen the heat. Certain heat sink or coolers are available for personal computer. Cooler fan can be added to modify the computer and prevent from heating up. The Computer Case can have multiple

fans. Processor fan, video cards, fan inside the tower to suck up the heat and other USB powered device for cooling up the computer. It’s easy to add cooling fan with a personal computer but how about laptops or notebook? Is there a fan that cools up the system a cooling pad powered by USB device.  I got it last year as a present a cooling pad. It’s a CDR-king cooling pad you just need to put your notebook in and plug the USB cord. Underneath the notebook two USB powered fan are sucking up the heat. CDR-King is known for cheap price gadgets and device and for me I’m using these for almost a year and never encounter such a big problem. 

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