February 26, 2013

Setting Up Wordpress on 000webhost.

Wordpress and 000webhost
My friend send me an invite for an online job. The task is to Support a Wordpress platform website I have some basic idea and I know how to set up a Wordpress site. I got a domain from namecheap and a free hosting from 000webhost.com. The client  is asking for a sample site that I manage but the website that I have is dead since I focus more on blogspot. Interested with the job I set up my website again. The site was cancelled due to inactivity but in just an hour I was able to set up and install a WordPress.

Download the latest WordPress vesion:
 The file is a zip file that you can save on a folder.
Go to 000webhost log in and type your username and password. The first thing that we need to create is an SQL database for the files Wordpress. Under software and services select SQL.
Create a new MySQL database name, username, password the next page will show you the MySQL information. Save it and keep it.

It’s now time to set up the Wordpress on 000webhost. Click on file manager and upload the Wordpress file that you download. Once uploaded you can now access the website but wit will run a config wizard from Wordpress.
 The wizard will ask the  MySQL database name, username, password and host. It’s all on the information that you save. The website is running right now and will continue to update and issue that I will encounter using WordPress

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