February 27, 2013

Corel Draw Tutorial Opera Browser Icon

Opera Mini Logo Corel Draw
I recently installed Opera Browser on my computer and I am impressed with its features. Easy to navigate and works well with flash player for the video or YouTube. I also have an Opera Mini Browser on my phone and using it for FBT – Free Browsing Technique or UBT- Unlimited Browsing Technique. FBT and UBT worked on Globe network. I created my own version using Corel Draw tutorial. A very simple letter “O” logo color red and shedding light to give highlight to the logo. Here’s How
Create a New Corel Draw Document:

Using the ellipse tool create a letter “O” F7 is the shortcut of ellipse to Corel Draw.
Corel Draw Opera Layout

Create another ellipse inside to form a letter “O” check the figure below:
Corel Draw Opera

Coloring the Icon is very simple a red striking color is all you need. Remove the Outline pen to have a embossed effect.

Add a transparency tool to create to partially reveal image underneath the object. The image below is my version of my  Opera Browser Logo created on Corel Draw Tutorial.
Corel Draw Opera Tutorial

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