February 22, 2013

Corel Draw Tutorial: Microsoft Office Word Document Icon

MS WORD Corel DRAW Tutorial
I’m using this application almost every day from creating a blog post, editing my resume and office works. A powerful Windows Office Application for creating a document and today I will create my icon own version of Microsoft Document using Corel Draw Tutorial. Here’s how: Create a new Corel Document and add two Rectangle object as shown on the image below.

MS Word Corel Draw

 Using the shape tool shape the first object as shown below
Corel Draw Shape Tool

. A second object should be filled with color white to cover the first object. Node tool should be used to create an effect. Copy and paste the second object and adjust the outline to 20px.

Corel Draw Node Tool
 Fill the object R=92 G=146 B=255 The letter “W” is a Times New Roman font bold and 72pt as the size. Adding a triangle object and using the node tool to have a slant effect. My version of Microsoft Word Document. I created the document with a very simple tool from Corel Draw.
MS WOrd on Corel Draw

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