February 23, 2013

Exporting Contacts on Windows Live Mail 2009

Windows Mail Export
Today I got a caller who wants to Export his contact to the newly set up Windows Live Mail. He got a new email account and Internet service but his existing email was already set up to and he said that will take some time for him to copy and put all the contact to his newly set up email. The caller doesn't know how to use the import and export file on Windows Live Mail. Here’s how. Click on contacts on Windows Live Mail.
The import and export will not show press on the alt key for the file option.

Click on Export and two option will show up. Export or saving the contact on Windows Mail is just like a other mail client a wizard will be run for the step by step process.
Windows Mail Export Contact

Business Card (.VCF) a regular file for contact contains information like name address email and phone number.
Comma Separated Values (.CSV) a file that will be converted to Microsoft Excel file contains all the value and can be open using MS Excel.
CSV Export Contact Windows Mail

On this tutorial I select .CSV save the file on a specific folder. Clicking next will show you the option or field that you wish to export then click finish. The file will be exported on the selected folder you can Import Contact on Windows Live Mail step by step on the next step.

"CSV Export is very confusing you need to browse for the folder and type a filename"


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  2. I followed every step (great post, btw) but for some reason I can't send email. I am receiving emails from my Hotmail account just fine but can't send them. Any ideas?
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  3. It there any error message.?