February 19, 2013

Facebook Celebrity Smiley

Facebook Smiley Obama Bieber Gaga
My imagination is running and thinking what if Facebook allows Celebrity Smiley? I recently post some smiley icons on Facebook that looks like spammy and now I created a smiley icons about celebrity. Celebrity stars like Lady Gaga, Justin Beiber, Taylor Lautner or even United States President Barrack Obama. It might offend other people but were just having fun since Facebook is free and all the images here are edited and created by me let just give it a try.

Justine Beiber Facebook Smiley : His popular a Youtube senstation and a millionaire everybody knows his song “Baby baby baby ohhhhh...” Online haters hate him, He love Floyd Mayweather and has been a hot topic of gay meme’s Justin Beiber.
Justin Beiber Facebook Smiley

Barrack Obama – President of the United States on his second term and well known for his slogan “it’s time for a change”
Barrack Obama Facebook Smiley

Lady Gaga – A singer and well known for her song Bad Romance, Judas and Poker Face. She made some controversial music video and scene and always tag as illuminati. She love to wear weird or out of this world costume that capture fans attention.
Lady Gaga Facebook Smiley

The image above is edited using Corel Draw and Google Image search. You can create your own with my next post on How to Create an Smiley Icons.

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