February 20, 2013

Corel Draw Tutorial Creating iTunes Icon

My Itunes Logo on Corel Draw Tutorial
I update my iTunes software recently since it keeps on prompting me for a new update. I hardly use the software since I’m playing most of my music on Windows Media Player. ITunes is a well known application for Apple product user. You can only sync, backup and restore files using iTunes and today I’m going to create iTunes Icon using Corel Draw Tutorial. Here’s how: Create a New Corel Document. Add an Ellipse tool F7 for the shortcut shown in the figure below.

Corel iTunes Logo Layout

 Add another layer and Ellipse object. Color the first object Blue as the iTunes Icon color R=5 G=71 B=240.

 Using the Transparency tool creates a shining effect on the Ellipse object. Select the first object and Outline color should be black. The Icon is a musical note you can get the note on Windows basic font Webdings.
Corel Itunes Color

 Adding a shining effect on the top is very simple. Create a new object on the top and the transparency tool will for the trick adjust it to your preference. 
Corel iTunes Layout Tutorial

This is my iTunes logo version that was created using CorelDraw. Hope you learn from it by just using basic Corel Draw tools. 

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