May 17, 2014

Awesomehp and 100% CPU usage

Awesomehp removed
How awesome someone who created a virus or unwanted program that will link into your browser, slow your computer down and make your CPU usage to 100%. One of a forum user encountered an issue and slows down his computer. It affects all browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox the awesomehp will get into your system, log to the registry, change DNS and firewall settings. Lets check what harm can the awesomehp can do on to your system. 

Awesomehp as search engine 

It will show as a default search engine 
Increase your CPU usage
Install unwanted application on your computer 
Keeps popping ads 

How to remove Awesomehp on your system?

Its not that complicated removing the software uninstalling it it easy and here's how:

1. Uninstall the program
  for windows go to programs and features and look for this sample unwanted programs 

Browser defender
Browser protect
Browser protected by conduit
Delta search, Babylon
WebCake 3.0
privacy safe gaurd
unfriend checker
Price peep today
Coupon amazine
DownloadTerms 1.0


If your having a hardtime uninstalling it log on to safemode.

2. Removing it on the browser reset the browser to default settings and disabling unwanted add on.

Internet Explorer
 >Tools > Advanced Tab > Reset the IE

Mozilla Firefox
Go to help> Troubleshooting Information > Reset Firefox

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