September 5, 2013

Opera error no Disk in the Drive

Opera.Exe - Error
I’m not installing Opera on my computer I just open it and an error message shows up. There is no disk in the drive. Please insert the disk into drive \Drive\Harddisk\DR1. Funny, I  never install Opera using a disk since is downloadable. You can download it from the website for free.  Options for the pop up is to Cancel, Try Again and Continue. The pop up message is not a big thing since when I click on cancel I was able to load my browser and most of my saved, bookmark,
cached website are still on the Opera Browser. If you encounter the same problem and having trouble restoring the browser back. Run an update – recommended or uninstall/reinstall the browser. The disk error only happen when you install a software using a cd. or a disk. 
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