September 3, 2013

How to Avoid Memory Dump Error

Dump Error
It's a common issue on Windows that when it encounter an error it will shut down and dump error will show up. There is a tweak to avoid Memory Dump error screen.

 Right Click on my Computer go to properties. advance system settings, on start recovery click on settings uncheck automatically restart. Here's the tips that you can try to avoid dump error. 1. Check Recently Installed Hardware and Device Drivers- Many BSOD

error came from faulty device driver and checking the device it might cause conflict to other driver and will result to dump errors. 2.Repair your registry if the registry is corrupted it will result for the computer to slows down or it will get a BSOD error. 3. Check CMOS and Memory module - getting this error message "UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP" might result to memory issue. 4. Scan for Virus - Virus can do anything on the computer and scanning or keeping a good security software will keep your computer healthy. That's how to Avoid Memory Dump Error

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