November 9, 2014

Error on website

SSS site forbidden error
Are you getting 403 Forbidden error, uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate is not trusted because no issuer chain was provided. (Error code: sec_error_unknown_issuer)? This is not the first time I tried to access this government website. The new improved design and functionaliy of the website seems not working at all in fact the old which is simple and less social site seems to be working and never had an issue accessing my inquriy link is the most important link on the site.
Here are  the common issue on the site. Typing on the link directly on the browser will not show the it will redirect you to another site that address and tell you to click here. Once on the site new look will show up facebook, google and pinterest button is up, member log in page is showing but once you log in and navigate to the page common issue that you might encounter: 403 Forbidden error : Connection is Untrusted etc .

Why do we need the website?

Every employed Filipino is mandated to have a contribution and being deducted every month for their social security system and in return you can apply for loan and other benefits provided . The supposed to be up and running a website will give us entree to our contribution, loan status and hassle of travelling to any SSS branch. I need an SOA Statement of account  since I recently got hired and for my new employer to deduct my remaining balance they asked me to submit it. Error shows up while clicking on Inquriy I did tried all the necesarry troubleshooting but no luck. 

Untrusted connection SSS

How I got to Print my SSS balance (SOA)

Website takes time to load and Inquiry will give bunch of error, desperate and frustrated I keep on waiting and clicking on the same link until It shows up although I was not able to print it since print link will give you the same error message. I did a screen shot and paste it on paint and using corel draw I was able to create a document and print it. 

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