August 9, 2014

What is PayBux - Scam of Not?

People nowadays want some free stuff and we all know that the best things in "life are free" We can never blame them because as the price of commodities increase you will find a way to save ,get rebates and discount. A friend refer me to some Android app that gives discount, rebates and reward. It is called Paybux life is rewarding. A simple app that can do almost anything from loading prepaid cellphone, discount on fuel consumption and food chain.

Is Paybux a scam? - from the sound of it looks like a regular PTC program get rich auto pilot or website that you need to invest. err wrong Paybux s absolutely free and easy in fact you don't even need to pay a single peso to download and register to PayBux. I don't even think its real on my first trial of Paybux because of the rewards and rebate that they can offer. I show you how to register Paybux for free here
 Imagine this you can earn through purchase meaning if I load my prepaid mobile 100php I can get an instant discount 6.4-7% rebate. Traditional load will get you the exact amount and sometimes asked for another 1-2 peso charge. They have a program called Turbo and Hexcell if you want to learn about this register to Paybux. Well that for load consumption what if I tell you that you can earn points while having a gas, shopping and food discount. That's the power of PayBux well because life is rewarding. 

Register to Paybux for free click here now

To get a bit of background about PayBux i will show you a video real life statement about the program. Feel free to comment and share this post because in PayBux life is rewarding. 

Take time to watch the video and don't forget to register and learn more about the App that Pay

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